Cukui clothing company. San Jose, CA and beyond…

::CUKUI is the engine for a new culture of street kids…those who’ve grown up in a mixed plate of lifestyles, here in the west coast, more specifically the bay area. We are those who can’t quite categorize what is their way of life, the ones who mark “other”. Creating, and living not for corny trends but for what we believe in…the ingredients being chicano, south pacific islander, asian, hip-hop, tattoo, & graff heads…what up world…introductions ..I’m Orlo Orlowski Locquiao …with Samuel Smogio R. and we believe that the best art and design is true, from the heart, and yet to be discovered, we would like to extend our hand to you in this journey of a new beginning…definition is constant-Cukui Staff.

visit: for more info.


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